Our Approach

Excel solutions and expertise

Our company philosophy and core values.


Customer focus

Lots of companies promise it but how many actually deliver? We do – not least because we ensure we manage our workload so that we can give every client the attention they deserve. Once you get to know us, hopefully you’ll see that customer focus is not just something we say – we deliver.


Our can-do no-nonsense approach

We’re not the kind of consultants who like to over-complicate and confuse in order to justify their position – quite the opposite in fact. We’ve been in business a long time and like to cut to the chase. If you prefer to work with professionals who simply get on with things, we’ll be a good fit.


Personalised peer level interaction

As senior level business professionals, we have more to offer than some software specialists. Yes, we can do great things with Excel – but we also understand the wider business requirements, and we’re happy to interact at all levels including the board.


Small yet perfectly formed

We are a micro business and proud to be so. By staying small we can be more responsive and more flexible in meeting our clients’ needs. You’ll also benefit from a consistent point of contact as you get to know us and of course you’ll also have direct access to our extensive experience


Ongoing support

We seek to establish long-term relationships with all our clients, not least because as we get to know you and your business better, we can offer even more value. But if you simply want a one-off Excel project completing, we’ll still provide on-going support following project implementation.