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Excel training to improve expertise

Boost your in-house Excel skills with training

If your business utilises and relies on Excel, then it clearly makes perfect sense to ensure that you have a good level of competency amongst the appropriate personnel, to enable all the tools to be used, managed, accurately analysed and interpreted meaningfully

We can work closely with you to ensure the right people have the right knowledge and skills and provide bespoke training packages to businesses in the South and South West.

To that end, we avoid the one size fits all approach delivered by so many Excel training providers. This can be particularly problematic for a mixed group with different needs and levels of proficiency. We therefore discuss individual needs and preferences first, and then design a session plan that meets everyone’s objectives. We are happy to work with your live data or on example data as preferred.

There are example training plans below, however, the reality is that a course will contain elements from all three example lists, This may result in a full day of group training or a series of half day one to one or smaller group training sessions. Half day courses have the added benefit of limiting the degree of business interruption while the training is taking place.

Empower your team, by investing in improving skills through targeted training.

Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced level courses

Training tailored to your specific requirements

Bespoke in-house sessions for your team (up to 10 people)

Half day one-to-one coaching for individuals


Example Training Plans

Arnold Gurney currently offer bespoke training packages to clients across the South and South West of England.

Beginner Level (1 Day)

  • An Excel introduction
  • Navigation of Excel
  • The content of, and working with cells
  • Working with ranges
  • Creating, formatting and printing charts
  • Spreadsheet design – page layout
  • Utilising data via export

Intermediate Level (1 Day)

  • A quick review of the basics
  • Explore functionality
  • Explore formulae
  • Working with named ranges
  • Conditional formatting
  • Working with and linking worksheets
  • Useful tips

Advanced Level (1 Day)

  • Basic and nested ‘If’ statements
  • ‘And, Or, Not’ ‘Statements
  • Lookup functions
  • Data validation
  • Pivot tables
  • Creating and working with templates
  • Macros
  • Working with track changes
  • Other useful tips

Excel training
across the South and South West

Arnold Gurney offer Excel Training services in and around Salisbury, Bristol, Bath, Andover, Basingstoke, Southampton, Poole and Bournemouth