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We are Excel experts who love to help businesses increase productivity by harnessing the full power of MS Excel.

Whether you want to improve the spreadsheets you currently have in place, build a completely new Excel tool, automate manual processes with macros, introduce functionalities beyond the scope of Excel with bespoke VBA programming or generate reports, graphs and dashboards to summarise your data in more visually useful ways. We can do it. Or we can help you do it.

The return on investment from having spreadsheets built or improved by Excel experts can be enormous. It is widely known that relatively simple spreadsheets can save upwards of 90% of the time taken to perform many business tasks while minimising human error. It is less well understood that similar efficiency and accuracy gains can be achieved by upgrading from basic to expert level Excel spreadsheet solutions.

Every Excel project is different. You may know exactly what Excel solution you need. Or you may only sense that you are not managing your data effectively. Either way, working out the optimal Excel spreadsheet solution and building it to meet your specific requirements is what we do.

Regardless of the challenges you are facing with Excel, take advantage of our free consultation service to learn more about how we can help you.


Fix, customise or improve your existing spreadsheets


Design and create powerful new spreadsheets


Automate repetitive manual processes with Macros


Data capture and storage to facilitate meaningful analysis


Introduce graphs and charts for quick assimilation of critical information and KPIs


Create dashboards to display critical information needed for proactive management


Improve internal and external reporting cycles, content and presentation

VBA Programming *

Bespoke coding to achieve functionality beyond the scope of Excel itself


Implement flexible solutions that can cope with growth and step change

*Excel spreadsheets often require functionalities beyond the capability of Excel’s functions and features. In these instances, we use VBA programming (Visual Basic for Applications). Bespoke VBA coding allows for almost any functionality you can imagine, the possibilities are effectively infinite. However, at Arnold Gurney, we are Excel experts who prefer to build spreadsheets using Excel’s inbuilt functions and features wherever possible. With a detailed explanation of what functions and formulas we’ve used and why, this allows you to manage any changes to the spreadsheet should variables change over time. If the optimal Excel spreadsheet solution requires VBA coding we’ll discuss this with you prior to implementation.

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Excel solutions to support sales activity


Excel solutions to support financial processing and reporting


Excel solutions to support Human Resouces


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