Engaging with us

A clear and transparent process


How it works

We have a very clear step by step approach that smoothly takes our clients and their projects through from initial contact to final delivery, with the further provision of client aftercare following implementation of a solution within the business.

Step 1


Initial contact. Broad brush discussion of what’s required.

Step 2


Deeper dive into what’s required. Review of existing tools/solutions. Consultation for most projects via phone, email, Skype. Larger more complex projects, meetings available, we are happy to travel.

Step 3

Project specification

Once a clear understanding of the required work has been reached through consultation Arnold Gurney will draft a detailed specification of the work to be done – the deliverables.

Step 4

Project quotation

Upon confirmation of the Deliverables – provide a quote/price and project schedule, along with all other supporting documentation.

Step 5

Project Implementation

There will be ongoing communication throughout the process of working on, and delivering, the project, as appropriate. First handover for sanity check.

Step 6

Project testing/checking

Stress-testing to ensure the solution is robust and fit for purpose, prior to final delivery.

Step 7


Full handover with explanation and instructions on how to use, how to maintain etc.

Step 8

After care and support

In the event of any difficulties being experienced in the short-term following delivery of a project or solution, Arnold Gurney will provide assistance to resolve any issues.

We will also be pleased to engage with you to update or enhance any solutions at a later date.

Our terms are flexible, and if regular input is likely to be required, a retainer arrangement can be a cost effective way to proceed.

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