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The majority of businesses utilise Excel to some extent. However, very few businesses get the full benefit from the extensive functionality and potential business solutions that Excel can achieve for them.

This results in inefficiencies creeping into the business, which facilitates poor performance and profitability that falls well short of its potential.

The smart use of Excel can transform your business performance, irrespective of your trading status, size or length of time you have been in business.

Start ups or businesses in the early stages of development can benefit from getting decent processes in place at the outset to provide the tools and reporting to enable the right decisions to be made in order to get the best results for the journey ahead.

Sole traders and other established businesses, will, in most cases, benefit from reviewing and improving their processes and practices. You may be very busy and unable to apply time to these issues. We can help by coming in and making recommendations for improvement, and make it happen for you.

Similarly, SMEs and larger corporates will have established processes in place, that could often benefit from review, updates and enhancement. A completely new approach to certain functions within the business could also bring material benefits into play.

Arnold Gurney can apply their skills and experience to any sector, and can work comfortably with any style of business, as we have highly relevant experience across the board.

All businesses, irrespective of size, status or the sector they operate in, will benefit from optimising the use of Excel solutions throughout their business.

Start-ups and embryonic businesses

How our expert Excel services can help you.
It is critical to new business to put all the right basic tools in place, so you adopt best practices, as far as possible, from the out-set.
Well crafted Excel spreadsheets will enable you to do this, at a sensible cost level and will enable you to confidently proceed.
We can assist with the entire journey, but initially, help you to have a credible plan in place, supported by solid basic tools to enable you to manage the business and its early stages of progression.
Getting the right tools in place from the very beginning can have a positive impact on your ability to grow and thrive. We can help with all of this, working with you on a specific project or on a flexible or retained basis.

Sole traders and small businesses

How our expert Excel services can help you.
Your business will now be established, and it is time to sensibly invest in upping your game.
A sanity check, in effect, to review and improve the way you run the business and specifically, the tools you use, may bring significant results.
Could some of your processes be improved upon, and the manner in which you use Excel enhanced.
Improve the information you get from the data you have available to enable good business decisions to be made.
You probably already have tools and processes in place but if you’re busy, and potentially growing, we can ensure your Excel spreadsheets are more accurate and function effectively and we can work with you to find more efficient ways to operate.

SMEs and larger corporates

How our expert Excel services can help you.
The result of reviewing your internal processes and usage of Excel, there will undoubtedly be aspects that can be improved upon, that will translate into smoother operations and increased profitability.
Similarly, are your internal and external reports comprehensive enough, or could more data be pulled in to them to provide a wider range of information from which to formulate decisions, and ultimately arrive at future strategy.
The power of Excel shouldn’t be under estimated and can assist significantly in improved business performance.
There’s so much than can be gained using Excel tools effectively across your business. We’ve created robust and effective solutions to support all business functions including Sales, Finance & HR and the senior management teams of SMEs in a variety of sectors.


We are Excel specialists who understand your business too!

Both directors at Arnold Gurney have had the pleasure of working with a wide variety of businesses in terms of size and sector; from sole traders and start-ups to FTSE100 companies. We’ve also been able to add value at various stages in the business development cycle.


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