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Together we combine over 45 years of business experience, working in companies large and small, as they faced a whole host of challenges. We’re familiar with the practical difficulties that go hand-in-hand with ambitious growth targets, entering new markets, mergers and acquisitions, assertive cost reduction programmes and even simply surviving through difficult periods. We’ve navigated all of this and more – and have learned a great deal along the way that we can share with you.

We believe that modern businesses of all sizes need more from their third-party Excel consultants than just outstanding Excel skills. Understanding not just what needs to be done but also why – within the wider context – is key to leveraging the real power of Excel. That’s why our deep understanding of business is just as important as our proficiency with the software.

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Richard Arnold

Richard has over 25 years of
experience in various commercial
environments, from start-ups to
AIM listed PLC’s.

Jonathan Gurney

With more than 20 years’ Excel
experience, Jonathan is able to
create bespoke Excel solutions to
fit almost every business.

Richard Arnold

Richard has over 25 years of experience in various commercial environments, including leading the finance function of an AIM listed plc for eight years both during and after its flotation. He is experienced in most commercial matters, with emphasis on financial management, financial reporting, working capital and cashflow management, bank presentations, credit control and debtor management, business turnarounds and business growth (organic and acquisitive).

Extensive experience

Richard has extensive experience of utilising the powerful functionality of Excel to build bespoke solutions and conduct complex financial modelling exercises to support decision-making.

Business knowledge

He has also leveraged his knowledge as a consultant on a wide and varied basis including undertaking financial, commercial and legal due diligence work on numerous acquisitions, negotiating deals, and drafting Sale & Purchase Agreements - all whilst keeping professional fees to a minimum.

I’ve always adopted a very hands-on approach and enjoy the challenge of problem-solving and steering a business towards greater profit, added value and new opportunities. Every company is different – which is why I’m passionate about finding the right solution to fit individual circumstances perfectly. Good fit is one of the real drivers of a consultant’s effectiveness.Richard Arnold

Jonathan Gurney

After a legal career encompassing both private practice and in-house roles, Jonathan founded Paralaw Ltd in 1997. The company initially offered legal consultancy and project management services to the in-house legal teams of FTSE100 companies and other large corporates.

Excel for big data

From the early millennium onwards, Jonathan was increasingly using Excel for ‘big data’ and business process improvement projects, enabling Paralaw to expand its reach beyond the legal teams to include project support for departments such as Finance, CoSec and HR. Under Jonathan’s leadership, Paralaw achieved significant growth and was employing more than 50 professionals when he sold his stake in the business in 2010.

Bespoke solutions

Subsequently as a hands-on investor in various start-ups and embryonic businesses, and working as a consultant, Jonathan has continued to apply his business knowledge and Excel expertise on behalf of various clients in a variety of sectors. With more than 20 years’ experience in using Excel, Jonathan is able to develop a wide range of bespoke Excel solutions to fit almost every business.

Each Excel project requires fresh analysis and thought to work out the optimal solution. It’s the many different variables and the efficiency achieved by exploring and comprehending Excel’s functions that excites me. The joy of delivering a solution to a client who knows it will save huge amounts of time and / or money can be bittersweet - especially if the client has been using their old solution for a long period of timeJonathan Gurney